How To Check Earnings/Rewards at Viewpoint Panel

In this article you will learn about how you can check and redeem your earnings at Viewpoint Panel. To explain that, first I would like to mention that you receive some small amounts for every single survey that you complete and it gets credited to your Viewpoint Panel Account.

It may take time of 24 Hours to 7 days to reflect/add-up into your viewpoint panel account after the successful completion of a survey by you. So you should be patient about this.

How To Check Earnings

  1. Firstly, input your login details and hit the login button.

Now, you will see a small navigation bar at the top with two Links. First link takes you to the Profile page of yours and second link takes you to the Reward page. Hit the Reward Link and you will be able to see the the exact amount of you earnings in the form of USD or any other currency you have opted at sign up.

How To Redeem Money

How To Get More Surveys Per Week

We, at Viewpoint Panel send periodic surveys to our panelists. The number of surveys that you receive per week, increases your chances to make more money in that particular week.

And how many surveys a panelist should receive is decided by an inbuilt Artificial Intelligence Software that capture the way you take your initial surveys at Viewpoint Panel.

The more time you spend reading a survey question, better the chances would be that you tick the right answer.  This is all we as a survey company and our clients require from you. Your honesty at work is paid back to you in the form of better paying surveys at a better frequent rate.

But along with this, you should not forget to check mark all important survey-options in your privacy settings. Your acceptance to these options shall enable us to serve you with paid surveys from all corners of the market and industry. Have a view on this video attached below to learn how you can agree to these privacy options.